Why Sisters Daily…?

Revelations 19:9 – Then the angel said to me “write this”

I often get inspired during the day and have a bag full of notes and thoughts. If you were to go through my bible there are napkins, receipts, envelopes – basically anything I can write on at that time – covered in notes, thoughts , inspirations, songs that have come to me on my journeys.

I also spend a lot of time reading and listening to teachings on things that I’m interested in like the life of Ruth, or the book of Songs of Solomon. I also take time to study things that I struggle with on my Christian walk.. things like Faith, Trust and Hope. I’ve been challenged and encouraged and indeed my mind has been renewed for having spent time studying what others have done and published for people just like me.

I have been inspired and encouraged by some influential people in my life to share some of my inspirations, thoughts, encouragements  – peradventure they help someone along their own Christian journey. God willing I can make sense of the scribbles on the back of these envelopes … !

My aim is to encourage sisters far and wide with the word of God and with my testimonies. I can’t say that I made it through all of my trials without my war wounds, but these wounds are now testaments and examples of the fact that you can make it over, that you wont die, and most of all that God is Faithful to ALL of His promises.


Lets go!

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