Touching Jesus is all that really matters

So its Sunday afternoon. Considered not posting on a Sunday – even God took a day to rest right.. well I ain’t God so lets do this! LOL

My thoughts today are taken from a very well known scripture about the woman with the issue of blood. Those of us who have been born and raised in the church would have hear many a preacher tell us about this woman. For those who don’t know I will run you through it real quick Mathew 9:

Once again Jesus is on his way somewhere – always on the move right! He was just talking with the Pharisees about why he was sat eating meat with publicans and sinners, making it clear to them that He was not call for the righteous, but the sinners. As the conversation continued He was interrupted by a ruler who worshipped him telling Him that his daughter was dead and that Jesus should come and lay his hand on her that she would live. Jesus got up (as did his disciples) and followed the ruler.

Here we find the woman with the issue of blood. Matthew 9:20-22. We never know her name, but her story is one that echoes for time. She had been suffering with an issue of blood for 12 loooooooong years. Luke’s version of the events (Luke 8:42) lets us know that no only was she sick, but she had spent all she had on physicians and could not be healed. Likely this woman was tired, frustrated, irritated, lost and now broke…But here comes Jesus.

Matthew lets us know that this woman had a conversation with herself. Likely she knew the power of Jesus. Likely she had heard of the miracles that he had done. Dead raised, blind receiving their sight, deaf receiving their hearing. This man was a walking fountain of deliverance. She decided that she was going to get to him. One way or another this opportunity was not about to pass her by and she be left in the same condition. She said to herself:

“If I can but touch the hem of his garment – I shall be made whole”

I’d like to present this to you… that touching Jesus – is all that really matters. There were so many conversations she could have had with herself. She had been in this situation for 12 years. Likely she had been seen by many, offered advice and support and potential remedies. Often times we get into situations and it seems like everyone has something to say, something to suggest, something they think we should or could do to help us. Sometimes they work, and sadly, sometimes they don’t.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get into these head spaces where its just a mess of thoughts, feelings, emotions, thoughts… I said that one already.. well sometimes that’s how it is. There just seems to be more thoughts than sense and none of them are of any help to the current situation. There here comes someone with some “advice”… and its of no benefit. I’ve even spent money trying to get help from those qualified to do so, that too to no effect. But I will say it again – touching Jesus – is all that really matters!

How do we touch Jesus..In the midst of worship, you come to a place where you stand face to face, heart to heart, your spirit lifted to His Spirit. It’s in this place that you can really touch Jesus. It’s in His presence that you are able to expose all that really hurts, all that your really feeling, all those thoughts and the chaos that often times consumes our mind. It’s at this point that you can stand bare before your creator and touch Him.

It was said that when she touched His garment (not even His actual body) that her problem immediately stopped. This is the speed in which your situation can be turned around. One that she was suffering with for 12 years, was done with immediately!

Read the word of God and examine just how powerful He is.. then consider your current situation in relation to this awesome God we serve. The two are not comparable – I promise you that.

Try, Try, Try Try Jesus. And if you’ve tried everything, and everything has failed – try Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Touching Jesus is all that really matters

  1. ….sometimes this is the hardest bit… We’ll spend 12 yrs psyching ourselves up to it… It’s the actual “touching Christ” that is the most difficult thing to do.

    But we have to get there.


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