Where do I begin… most would say the beginning would be a good place, so we will go for that.

This is going to be a little space for me to bring you my inspirations as I am inspired of my heavenly Father (Jesus Christ). I am not a preacher or teacher by title.. just a humble servant of the most High who has been inspired and encouraged to share my story and my walk with others.

I love the word of God and love the power it has to impact lives and totally transform a situation that you are in when its been digested and applied with faith.

I will be bringing you in on some of my personal stories and life chapters . Sharing with you some of the realities of being a woman of faith in the 21st Century. Not all of my battles have been won, and I am by no means perfect, however I want to show you that through Christ we are all – as sisters – more than Conquerors (Romans 8:37)…

A warm welcome from my heart to yours to  Sisters Daily….